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Falguni Shane Peacock is a luxury fashion label, known particularly for ethnic Indian, bridal couture as well as pret wear. With their stint of 15 years in the fashion industry, the brand has established a distinctive niche for itself with its contemporary and edgy creations. The rise of the label has been marked by various highlights in every passing couture week. Along with showcasing their craft in various couture weeks, the label has dressed some of the eminent artists, celebrities and other lionized names in the fashion fraternity. The unique, outré and distinguished range of athleisure wear, short and long dresses, evening wear for women as well as men carried by Falguni Shane Peacock stand out in terms of suave, vim in details and sophistication. Find distinctive silhouettes in athleisure outfits created with quirky prints and groovy hues that add the tinge of vibrance to the mundane casual and lounge wear.

The line of prêt wear carried by the designer label entails evening wear like long formal gowns, dresses for women including semi-formal and casual short dresses, long dresses, blazers for men, bodysuits, athleisure wear, and tops for women. The ethereally encrusted evening dresses, gowns, dresses and bodysuits have been sported by global icons like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, among many others.



The immediate idea of a set athleisure wear in our head is usually a pair of yoga pants and an oversized, hooded sweatshirt. But there are plenty of other ways to pair and style athleisure wear. Drawing inspiration from celebrities casually strutting down the airport in a swanky track-suit or a pair of casual blazers teamed with tights, the scope of styling athleisure outfits is vast. It is not merely limited to a standard sweatshirt paired with snug jogger pants.

The commonly opted outfits in athleisure women pick are yoga pants / tights or cycling shorts teamed with a sweatshirt. It could not get more effortless and chic than this. Apart from the standard coordinated set of athleisure wear, there are multiple ways to style athleisure outfits. A quirky, printed bomber jacket could work wonders with your workaday, routine basics like a solid tee and denim pants. You could also pair your regular, solid dress with a vivaciously hued bomber jacket.

Although you must have witnessed your favorite stars on tabloids and social media walking gracefully in slinky, strappy pairs of pencil heels, you could ace an athleisure outfit with a set of good ol’ chunky, white trainers. Malaika Arora Khan pulled off the classy, casual athleisure look in Falguni Shane Peacock athleisure wear on multiple occasions. The athleisure outfit sported by the star was teamed with an easy bun, swish white trainers and black, tinted wayfarer shades. She wore a sky-blue, printed athleisure wear set by Falguni Shane Peacock containing a bomber jacket, sports bra and jogger pants. Also, take a cue from the sprightly Jacqueline Fernandez by adding a classic twist to your casual look. The star styled her cozy, chic athleisure outfit look with a side-swept, wavy and bobbed hairdo. She paired the ensemble with white, comfy flats to complete the look. The actor picked a blue, printed athleisure outfit set by Falguni Shane Peacock containing a bomber jacket, sports bra and a pair of jogger pants.



The fad of athleisure wear crept in when nobody was looking. The trend got off the treadmill and on the runway real soon. It reconciled the infamous debate of comfort v. fashion. The hybrid form of clothing is evidently named after the two elements it aces - athletic functionality and leisure. The contraction of active wear and lounge wear has made this trend indelible from our wardrobes as well as minds. The trend of athleisure wear is not fading away anytime soon.

The introduction of the fad of athleisure wear is a harbinger of a lifestyle change. With the onset of pandemic, the world saw a significant shift in multiple paradigms. The tectonic repositioning in the work culture, health and fitness awareness, and overall praxis has changed our clothing perspective as well. That is the reason why the trend of athleisure wear seeped deeper into the millennial way of life. The ease and convenience offered by the ensemble were embraced readily by the masses, particularly after the onset of the pandemic in 2020.

Athleisure wear became a statement in fashion from the moment they were sported by celebrities casually strutting down the airport in a chic bomber jacket and jogger pants. The infatuation with convenience and fashion grew furthermore with the introduction of newfangled routines like work and workout from home. The trend has raged successfully among women as well as men for the right reasons and is here to stay for a foreseeable amount of time.